Our last German Shepherd

Our last German Shepherd

This page is dedicated to the plight of dogs in need of rescuing .

The S.P.A. – Société Protectrice Animaux at Limoges has over 200 dogs in need of a new home. Dogs are taken into the refuge after being either abandoned, mistreated, handed in or taken in because their owner has died or is hospitalised. The reasons are numerous but they all have one thing in common – they need our help.

Certain dogs are available for foster care known as “parrainage” or “famille d’acceuil”. You look after the dog(s) in your own home and the S.P.A. take care of all the fees involved including food and veterinary care.

But if you don’t wish to adopt or foster a dog you can help in so many other ways:-

 Volunteering – the S.P.A. relies heavily on volunteers to keep the centres running. You can help by taking dogs for a walk, brushing and playing with them at the centre.

Funds – the S.P.A.  is very reliant on donations. You can get involved with raising funds or you can donate funds either on a regular basis or a lump sum. 60% of which qualifies as a credit on your tax bill. You can also choose to leave part of your estate to the S.P.A. by visiting a Notaire and recording your wishes.

Materials – You can take dog food or other materials such as bedding to the centre. Winter is very hard for these animals living at the shelter so an old duvet or blanket would be much appreciated.

Whatever you can do,  however small you think it is, do it – it all helps.  If you do nothing else but to visit the shelter and see for yourself. It will make you think more about putting a bag of dogfood into the donation trolley at your local supermarket the next time you see it.