• Monday, October 27th, 2014

Yeah! The Jazz n Blues club we started continues to go from strength to strength. So…we are organising a Jazz n Blues Special on Sunday the 9th November at La Ferme St Michel in Confolens. We have a some fabulous musicians coming to take part including Norrie ‘Snakebite’ Burnett (Blues Shouter), and Bobbie Dirninger (fresh from the Montreux jazz festival). We also have seasoned pro’s Lynn Garner and Brad Lang, as well as Birthrite’s drummer Ron Draper who’s flying in from the UK just to take part. It is gonna be a special day!


T-Sirts available for 10 euros! They look like this….

Jazz n Blues T-Shirt

If you are anywhere near Confolens 16500 on the 9th November and you are a Jazz and Blues fan. Don’t miss this! This will be a truly hip hang, dig?

Entrée libre (restauration sur place toute la soirée – pas de reservation necessaire)

Dimanche 9 Nov à 17:00 heures, nous accueillons le fameux Bennetti’s Jazz Blues Club (organisé par Steve Bennett) au La Ferme St Michel, Confolens 16500.

Le jazz club est ouvert à tous, ce concept réunit des musiciens de tous horizons ; le but est de jouer ensemble, apprendre les uns des autres, échanger autour d’une même passion. Les morceaux joués pendant la séance sont improvisés.

Il faut le voir pour le croire ! Chaque performance du jazz club est étonnante, leur public les suit où qu’ils se produisent, c’est une expérience à ne pas manquer ! Si vous voulez vous joindre à eux, tenter votre chance et amener votre instrument ou simplement les regarder en sirotant un apéritif au bar, n’hésitez pas ! Ambiance garantie !

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• Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

music ICI logo.

Why “”?

There is a thriving flourishing live music scene in France. In the summer especially there is so much to see and do it’s hard to keep track of it all. We got fed up of hearing, “we didn’t know it was on”, and, “where do you find out about these things”. We found that people living in the Haute Vienne had no idea what was happening in the Charente or the Dordogne even though they might be just a few kilometers over the border. We decided to do something about it. This is it – ‘music ici‘!

To start off with we are just going to focus on our little corner of France. Using Confolens in the Charente as our hub, we’ll report on what’s happening within a two-hour drive. We’ll tell you about gigs, concerts, festivals, we’ll report on artists, bands, and venues. We want to share with you some of the vibe that’s happening here.

We want you to get involved. If you went to a great gig, tell us about it. If you are a band, send us your dates, we’ll publish them. If you are a venue, let us share your calendar.

From time to time we’ll invite guest writers, and reporters. We’ll arrange interviews and photoshoots. If your mother comes from Russia or has a black handled knife, we want to know!

Contact Music Ici here

• Thursday, July 04th, 2013

During the months of July and August there are free music concerts on the streets of Saint Junien. Organised by the Marie’s office. There’s some great bands on, and there’s sure to be a party atmosphere.

Saint Junien, 87, Comme un Effet de L’Art Scene….Concerts musique, chaque jeudi soir pendant l’été dans le centre ville.

comme un effet de l'art scene

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• Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Jazz Club poster 28march 2013

Are you a muso looking for some Jazz and or blues action in the Haute Vienne? Well why not give the Jazz Club that meet last thursday of each month at the Giac’s Bar in Saint Junien a try?

If you want to play, make sure you contact the organiser beforehand. This helps with planning the evening. The aim being to give a little continuity. Remember, you don’t have to be some Jazz hot shot. The club is for the musos to get together and have some fun. It’s not about polished performance for punters. Though if people want to come along and listen, that’s great.

• Monday, March 11th, 2013

Steve started a Jazz and Blues club! It’s something he’s been thinking about for a long time, and he finally got around to it! The first meeting was on 28th Feb at the Giac’s Bar in St Junien. Organised more as a ‘sit in’ rather than ‘jam’, eleven musicians played at some point through the evening. It all went very well, and everyone said how much they’d enjoyed it, and couldn’t wait for the next one! So, last Thursday of every month it is then. Next one is 28th March

Here’s more info’…
The Giac’s Bar, Rue Jean Jacques Rousseau in Saint Junien (87) is the perfect venue for this kind of thing. The room behind the bar is big enough to host a gaggle of musos, and there’s a courtyard out the back that is great for summer evenings.

Some words from Steve…

Mission – to create a warm loving environment in which like minded musicians can meet, play, share, grow, and get hip! ;-) If you want to play you must contact me in advance so that I can plan the session. My aim being to give a little continuity to the evening. A list of songs for the session will be posted by me well in advance here. This gives those wishing to take part a chance to brush up on them. We want people to feel comfortable, so, no surprises – please don’t just turn up and ask to play something that isn’t on the list. This may make people uncomfortable, and while ‘outside the comfort zone’ is often where the magic happens we don’t want to put people on the spot or embarras them.

Steve says that the club is primarily for the musos. It’s not about some kind of polished performance, it’s about musos getting together and having some fun. If people want to listen, that’s great! It’s also about meeting other musicians, swapping musical ideas, making new contacts.

More from Steve…

On the night, I saw people swapping contact details, drummers dicussing technique! This was great, and exactly what I’d hoped for. I think it would be so good if musicians who came along started other stuff, and who knows……. like, if you’re looking for a dep, or someone to play with, you might find them through the club. Now that would make my day! I’m going to ask all the musicians who play if I can make their contact details available in a musos register.

There’s already an excellent musos contact group on facebook for the nearby Poitou-Charentes region of France. But we are just over the border in the Haute Vienne.

Steve has put some pictures from the night here.

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• Monday, December 26th, 2011

Make a decision today that could change a life.  There are thousands of lost souls out there after either being abandoned, mistreated, or their owner have died or hospitalised. The reasons are numerous but they all have one thing in common – they need our help.

We adopted a 10 and 1/2 year old German Shepherd – Rex in April 2011.

Rex our big Fluffy Dufus RIP 2-12-11

Rex our big Fluffy Dufus RIP 2-12-11

Rex lost his owner suddenly and was faced with being put down.  We rescued him via the HOPE association.  We had him 8 months then unfortunately he developed heart failure and he died on 2nd December.

Rex taught  us so much about patience and understanding and he gave back with oodles of pleasure and endless moments of laughter.

Younger dogs generally get rehomed much quicker and the older dogs get left on the heap.  Consider an older dog, they tend to be much calmer, obedient if they have come from a loving home and they are great company.

We are looking for a replacement and will get another older rescue.

Check out the doggy links to the left of this page to find your perfect friend.

• Thursday, September 15th, 2011

17th Century cottage set in glorious, undulating, countryside with beautiful views, nature and birdlife contributing to the tranquility and comfort that the cottage is famous for. Sleeps 6 (3 Bedrooms).

The cottage is set in a lovely rural hamlet in the hills of the Correze.

The cottage is set in a lovely rural hamlet in the hills of the Correze. It offers a beautiful blend of old and contemporary design with every modern day comfort. Understated luxury is tempered with simplicity to make the most of the tranquil surroundings. Comfortable rooms with soft colours throughout. Wifi; iPod speakers/dock; a more than fully fitted kitchen; TV and a good selection of DVDs and books are also provided. There is a beautiful inglenook fireplace with an open fire; and the house is fully heated. The garden is on two levels with two terraces: one is south facing for sunbathing and perfect for breakfast; the second is a deck set amidst trees for cool natural shade, and a perfect setting for lunch. An experienced cook, with an excellent local reputation, is also available. Right on the doorstep of The Cottage are some wonderful walks; there are lakes for swimming and two riding stables. Fishing, canoeing, kayaking and golf are other popular activities.

For more information, pictures, prices, and availability, please see the owners page on ownners direct here.

• Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Available for holidays or longer lets… a stunning, modern barn conversion, sleeping up to 12, set in a charming, traditional hamlet. Situated about 10km north of the quaint “Fleurie’ town of La Souterraine with its surrounding Roman wall, traditional restaurants, twice weekly market and Medieval church.
Fabulous converted barn holiday home in La Creuse - 10kms from La Souterraine

A beautiful barn, set in the green heart of France, it is a great place to recharge your batteries or for a couple of families to come together for a relaxing, country break. Beautiful rolling hills, incredible wildlife and a tranquility second to none, mean that La Creuse is a magnificent haven and it is easy to understand why the idyllic, surrounding countryside inspired great artists like Monet. This countryside is just ideal should you wish to read, walk, paint or simply soak up the sun.

rolling sun-baked hills in La Creuse

In the hamlet there are riding stables and less than 5 minutes away you’ll find the ‘Etang de Chaume’ where you can swim; it has various leisure facilities available during the summer, and is also a renowned course fishing lake. For the more adventurous holiday maker, close at hand at Eguzon, you will find canoeing, sailing, wind surfing & water skiing. The cycling in the area is simply awe-inspiring, both on and off road; there are numerous fishing lakes & trout rivers close by.

Culturally, the region is rich with places to visit such as Oradour sur Glane; Aubusson, world renowned for its tapestries and carpets; Argenton sur Creuse located on the river with it’s beautiful river houses & narrow, cobbled streets; the Brenne lakes, home to the Marsh Harrier; Eguzon, famous for it’s school of painting due to Monet’s love of the region; the ruins of Crozant Castle give breath taking views across the Creuse Valley and of course, Limoges itself, is very famous for its porcelain.

A stunning, modern, 5 bedroom, barn conversion

This beautiful, 18th century stone barn has been recently converted, maintaining many original features. It is situated in the heart of a quiet hamlet yet close to all amenities. The open-plan living/dining area has a large wood burning stove; upstairs there are 5 bedrooms, sleeping up to 12.

For full details of facilities, and great pictures of the interior take a look here.

Photo Gallery

The Limousin is known as the Lake District of France, because of its abundance of lakes and superb scenery. Take a look at the photo gallery and see for yourself.

Local Information

Limousin – the Lake District of France. Super for a relaxing, tranquil holiday; for the more active holiday maker, try water sports galore, mountain bike through beautiful valleys, enjoy a game of golf or visit cultural places like Aubusson-famous for tapestries or the picturesque, town of Gargilesse with its art galleries and Brocantes.
Limosin is known as the Lake District of France due to its many large, beautiful, natural water sources. Many of these large lakes are extremely popular locally for swimming, water sports, lounging in the sun on the well-thought out, man-made beaches (there is always a children’s playground within sight) or sitting in the shade in the numerous cafes and restaurants that scatter the waters edge. These lakes often have large sections set to one side for fishing too (permits can be bought from local cafes and tabacs). Find out more here.

If you’d like to check availability, pricing, or get in touch.

You’ll find prices and details here. You can check availability here. Make contact here.

• Monday, January 24th, 2011

On Wednesday 28th December 2010 we had a new arrival – Chabal (pronounced “Shabal”). He is a 2 year old “Petit Griffon Basset Vendeen” or PGBV for short! He is on a 2 month holiday with us while his family are away in India.

After a few days learning the house rules – he settled in nicely. The first week or so, he would come and check up on us when we were in bed, sometimes two to three times in the night. Coming in to get us up around 8 o’clock in the morning. Now he is well chilled out and we don’t get any visits in the night and it’s us that wakes him in the mornings.

Chabal in Bed

Chabal in Bed

We were told that he would probably escape from the garden. Initially we kept him under close guard when outside but over time, we have started to understand his behaviour.

Although a bassett he is much more like a terror – sorry I meant to say terrier! He loves nothing more than finding voles and it’s his ability to sniff them out and dig holes that gives him this character. So we have come to understand that it’s not that he wants to escape, it that he is ruled by his nose and if he escapes, it’s by accident rather than intention.

Chabal Digging

Chabal Digging

He gets walked every morning for about 1 to 1 1/2 and his favourite route is along the river bank and through the woods. We leave him in the garden when we are at home and can keep an eye on him and spends most of the time digging up voles. Although he’s making holes in the garden – he is actually killing them so we leave him to it.

There isn’t a viscious bone in his body – unless you are a vole, rabbit, squirrel or other fury creature. He twirls for his dinner and when he thinks he’s going for a walk. His bark is like a dog four times the size so a good alarm dog.

Chabal - Fluffy Head

Chabal - Fluffy Head

His only failing is that you cannot let him off the lead during his walk. When he picks up a scent he’s off and he suddenly goes deaf. There is a lot of barbed wire and he has no road sense so we keep in on a lead at all times – although not a tight one he can go where he likes and generally does.

We have come to love our Chabal and he is now part of the family. He is allowed on the sofa in the evening when we sit on it and that’s where he sleeps. He loves attention and wants to be cuddled. Once in the house, generally very good but he will bark at anything that moves or makes a noise.

Chabal sitting by the Fire

Chabal sitting by the Fire

So if you are thinking about a PGBV yourself here is our recommendation from our experience:

The PGBV has a very strong character and needs regular stimulation and things to keep it interested. Very loving dog but not sure how they would fair with other animals. Will run after anything that moves and cannot be trusted off the lead. Very sturdy and healthy breed.

Its’s the dog for you if:

– You can give him plenty of exercise and keep him stimulated
– You do not have a well kept garden – they will dig!
– You live in the countryside
– You can spend time doing some training and have a firm hand
– You have a barn that you want to keep free of mice

It’s not the dog for you if:

– You live in the town
– You work all day – they will get bored
– You hate cleaning a grubby dog
– You want to run or walk with a dog off the lead
– You can’t secure good fencing in your garden

Here are all our photos of Chabal

• Friday, November 05th, 2010

This place is booked long-term at the moment.

Looking for a place to stay near Rochechouart? Maybe you are house hunting for your own holiday or permanent home in the Haute Vienne, Limousin or nearby Charente? Well this could be just the place…..

House to Rent near Rochechouart in the Haute Vienne
Our cycling friend Raymond is offering this furnished house for rent. Short or long stay, the choice is yours, and the rent is negotiable depending on your requirements.

The House – is comfortably furnished, and can sleep up to a maximum of six people. It would be best with three to four, but would also work well for just two with extra sleeping space for guests. For example, if there were two of you on a house hunting mission and you wanted your friends or family to visit you and see what you’d found.

In summer there’s plenty of room to sit outside with no one to bother you. In winter there is electric heating and also a wood burner and you’ll get a free supply of wood to keep you cosy.

Located in a lovely spot, with no passing traffic, it has a marvellous view of Rochechouart Chateau. Out in the countryside, but not remote, just 5 minutes easy drive from Rochechouart, and 40 minutes from Limoges airport. Situated at the end of a quiet cul de sac with plenty of parking space.

Storage space – Raymond has a huge barn nearby and will happily negotiate some storage space should you be ‘between houses’.

Personally – if I didn’t live in the area already I’d love to take a break there. It really is a lovely spot. Walking or mountainbiking there’s masses of trails and footpaths to explore. This area is idea for the roadie too. The roads are blissfully quiet and the countryside is stunning. Head North for bigger hills, head South for more rolling terrain.

Contact us for more information on availability and prices.